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E-Z Lok™ Repair Kit EZ-M100
  • Convenient thread repair kits containing a selection of standard sizes.
  • Packaged in a heavy-duty hinged plastic box with snap lock
  • Ideal for shop storage or carrying in tool box for field operations
  • Speedy, convenient method for repairing a broad range of threaded hole sizes anywhere, anytime in most material



E-Z Lok™ Repair Kit EZ-M100

SKU: m100
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  • Quantity Internal Thread External Thread
    10 M3 X .5 M6 X 1.0
    10 M4 X .7 M8 X 1.25
    10 M5 X .8 M8 X 1.25
    10 M6 X 1 M10 X 1.5
    10 M8 X 1.25 M12 X 1.75


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