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A bird in hand...

Or you could revert to The Boy Scouts' motto, "be prepared".

For over 45 years we have been offering our Metric Fastener Assortments. These allow you to completely eliminate all the down time you have trying to find the right Metric Hex Cap Screw, Metric Socket Cap Screw, Metric Dowel Pin, or even Metric Nuts and Metric Washers.

No more need to leave the job-site, Machine Shop, garage or Automotive Shop to go out and find the right Metric Fastener to complete the job!

Keep our Metric Fastener Assortments in all of your crew's work vans and trucks. Keep them on your work benches and Airplane Hangers!

Imagine the confidence you will instill in your Customers and Clients in your ability to get the job done correctly and quickly when you come to the job-site prepared with the right Fasteners!

Stop running around town looking for that hard to find Metric O-Ring! You have the correct one in you tool box because you invested in a 428 piece Buna 'N'/ Nitrile O-Ring assortment!

We even have a Metric Fastener Assortment for the Motorcycle/ATV Enthusiast! We call it Cycle Stuff II! A newer improved version of our original CycleStuff! It has everything you need for regular maintenance or emergency repair in a case that is compact enough to keep in your Touring Bag!

Don't see the right Metric Assortment Kit for your needs? We've got you covered.... We can supply you with custom kits, designed to your specifications with very little turnaround time.

From Compact kits to Master Assortment Kits and even our Wall Bin Inventory System with 64 bins and over 8000 pieces of assorted Metric Hardware!

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