DIN 931
Hex Head Screw, Partial Thread
DIN 933
Hex Cap Screw, Full Thread
DIN 961
Hex Cap Screw, Full Fine Thread
DIN 960
Hex Cap Screw, Partial Fine Thread
DIN 6921
Hex Flange Bolt
DIN 561B
Hex Cap Screw with Dog Point
Hex Cap Screw, Slotted
MST 73
Hex Cap Flange, Serrated
MST 2797
Hex Head Flange, Ribbed
MST 5950
Hex Cap Screw, Washer Head
DIN 933 Z1
Hex Cap Screw with Captive Washers
JIS B1189
Hex Head Flange, JIS
JIS B1180
Hex Cap Screw, JIS
DIN 910
Hex Head Plug
DIN 910b
Hex Pipe Plug, British Standard
DIN 910 SR
Hex Pipe Plug with Seal Ring
Hex Head Plug, British Standard with Seal Ring
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