This assortment is a great size for your tool box, motorcycle saddle bags or even your glove compartment. The box is made from tough plastic, it measures 3 1/2" x 7" and it comes filled with zinc plated steel, class 8.8 socket cap screws and class 8 hex nuts. It contains the following sizes: M6x12, M6 x 16, M6x20, M6x32, M8x20, M8x25, M8x30, M8x40 and M6 and M8 nuts. These are all very common sizes on cars, motorcycles and many other applications. If for some reason it doesn't suit your needs contact us and we can set you up with a different assortment or bulk quantities of specific hardware.  MSTC# SC89


Socket Cap Screw & Hex Nut Assort Sizes M6 thru M8 ***89 Pcs***

  • Available Material

    • 4.8 Steel
  • Available Finish

    • Zinc

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